Belated Race Report (TC 1 Mile)

May 14th, 2009 · 10 Comments

TC 1 Mile

Last Thursday night I ran that TC 1 Mile race downtown.  It was fun getting to run down Nicollet Mall.  The race itself got out to a quick start.  I was hoping to run under 5 minutes and I knew it would be close.  I started out about 3 rows back at the starting line which I hoped wouldn’t put me behind too many slower folks.  It wasn’t too much of a problem though as most of the people went out quickly.  They had clocks at every quarter mile which was nice because trying to check my watch was tough during the race.  It just went by too quickly.

I only rememeber the times from the first two quarters.  I went through the first quarter in 73 seconds which I was happy about.  I was just hoping to keep the pace up.  I got boxed in a couple of times though and had to make some serious adjustments to get out and around some people.  I went through the half at 2:31 so I knew I had to push the 3rd quarter.  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  I don’t remember the exact time but I knew my goal of 5 minutes was pretty much lost when I was going into the “bell lap.”  The race had a great downhill finish and I did my best to stick close to the tangent the last couple of blocks which was the only part of the race that wasn’t completely straight.  I finished in 5:09 which was the same time I ran at the USATF indoor mile a couple of months ago.  I know I’m in better shape now and I didn’t feel nearly as tired at the finish which means I just didn’t pace as best I could.  Of course that’s why I was out there in the first place: to get experience running that short of a race.  Next time I just need to push that 3rd quarter harder.

1:17??? (something like that)

Here’s results for the race.

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