Biloxi – Day 2

February 26th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Yesterday was our first real day of work. I was originally scheduled to be doing drywall but was enlisted for some morning grunt work. There were some heavy objects to be moved and they and they needed a strapping young man. That took a couple of hours before I was able to meet up with my group.

Drywall wasn’t too bad once we got our system down. We were working in as many as 3 rooms at once. Someone was cutting. Some were screwing in the drywall. Others were just getting ready for the next piece. Probably 80% of our group had never drywalled before and by the end of the table we were ready for anything.

After dinner we had a speaker and slide show telling how Mississippi was really affected by Katrina. The real message was that the volunteers give hope to those who otherwise would be pretty lost. It was also a testament to the people of Mississippi and how they were able to work together.

I heard that this coming Friday us the two and a half year anniversary (which is unique because it falls on leap year).

Time to head to work. More later i hope. Maybe even pictures if i can find an easy eay to get them uploaded.

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