Day 4

February 28th, 2008 · 1 Comment

guess what? More drywall. Its amazing how much drywall an entire house gets. We started with bare studs and the house is almost full. All thats left is a couple of bathrooms, kitchen and some odds and ends. We left ouselves the tricky parts like around pipes and odd corners.

Last night there was a church service. It was probably my first Lutheran service ever. The congregation here has been pretty wiped out from Katrina so it was mostly volunteers. I only embarassed myself twice so thats pretty good. First when my stomach had something to say at a particularly quiet moment and then when half of my eucharist fell into the wine. I’m not sure the Lutherans will invite me back.

After the service four of us walked over to the Mexican restaurant for some drinks. We tried to invite poeple to join us but everyone said they were pretty tired. We ended up taking the place over hoiugh with about 30 people. Supposedly, this group goes out the most of all the volunteers at Bethel Church. Minnesota represents.

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  • 1 muxhut // Feb 28, 2008 at 11:52 am

    Nothing like a little eucharist to prep for some burritos. Did you see Jesus?

    A note to all of your MTKA readers … Mtka HS Hockey represented huge at last nights 6AA Section Finals. For about 1 period.
    The game started with both teams lethargic, then Mtka stepped it up about midway through the 1st, scored short-handed, scored on a power-play early in the 2nd … and then apparently they got very very tired and/or happy with a 2 goal lead. BSM honestly had 2 guys who were skating circles around the Skippers for the rest of the game, and even though they needed up to the last 5 minutes of regulation to tie it up, they only needed 20 seconds of overtime to wrap it up. Victoire, Benilde. Heartbreaking. And Mtka showed some strong defense throughout, but took too many light wrist shots directly at the BSM goalie’s chest. Still, fun to see ’em live, hopefully Urich will settle down and keep next year’s squad playing as well.

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