What it’s like running 30 miles

April 21st, 2008 · 1 Comment


As you can see by the picture, Sarah and I are just fine after completing the 50k Saturday. It was actually probably closer to 30 miles because they cut part of the course off. Evidently, the ski hill at Hyland that the course went through was still covered in snow/ice and they didn’t want us running on there. I’m not sure how much worse that is if we’re already running 30 miles, but I guess those in charge decided it was too much

Regardless, the race went great. I was nervous at the start that I didn’t bring the right clothes. It was close to 40 degrees and I hadn’t even brought gloves. But it all worked out. I had my iPod with full of music and it kept me busy for the entire 4:21:05 I was running. I even felt pretty good after the race and (very) briefly considered running with Sarah for her last lap.

Sarah finished in just over 6 hours and I was pretty proud of her. She ran all but the last couple of miles with her dad, who finished just a couple of minutes behind her. I swear I can remember when she said she would never run one. That didn’t take too long. She isn’t as excited as I am to try again though. Sarah’s dad says he’s never running a marathon again, but I think he’s said that before too.

Here’s a little FAQ for the race for any basic questions someone might have.

Q. What do you think about running for 30 miles?
A. Great question. I thought about that one myself part of the time. Other times, I just tried to space out a little bit thinking about a particular song, when the next water/food stop was, what was I going to eat after the race, or maybe think about what other races I wanted to run this year.

Q. What do you eat during the race?
A. I had 3 PowerGels with me. I was hoping to get more during the race but somehow missed seeing Sarah’s mom after lap 3. They did have gardettos at the stops, Clif Bars, Oreos, and Vanilla wafers. My favorite was dunking the Oreos into some flat Coke. Probably the only time something like that sounds good is in the middle of a 50k. I also tried to grab Powerade at every stop.

Q. How much did it hurt?
A. Surprisingly, not that much. After most marathons, I struggle to go up and down stairs afterwards. This race was entirely different. It may have been due to walking all the uphills and just running a slower pace in general. I think that running on trails instead of asphalt and pavement probably helped too.

Q. Will you do it again?
A. Yes. I actually want to go farther next time. I’m not sure what my limit is which worries Sarah. I would definitely run a 50 mile race and even a 100 mile race. I never really hit the wall during this race so maybe I’m being a bit naive about this.

We had a great time and had zero guilt taking down an entire pizza at Carbones afterwards along with a sampler platter of chicken fingers, cheeze sticks and onion rings. The guilt-less eating after a race is possibly the best part.

(Paul, Sarah, & Dylan after the race)

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