November Madness

November 19th, 2008 · No Comments

It feels like it’s been pretty crazy lately with lots of things going on.  We’ve been in the new house for about 3 weeks now and there’s still plenty to do.  We’ve only made it to Ikea once so far but Home Depot and Target numberous times.  Still need to go through some boxes and get rid of stuff not to mention find a dining room table.  Craigslist seems to have lots of possibilities so we just need to pick one.

Last night Muxhut came over to help me out with some clogged pipes.  It turns out that pipes sometimes have roots growing in them and it clogs everything.  No bueno.  

Other than that, I have lots of open projects to complete.

  • 5280s – A website to track miles and workouts.
  • Brewing beer
  • Electric car or motorcycle (purely an idea at this point)
  • HTPC – This is in the final stages but I recently bought a remote on the interwebs that acts like a mouse.  It worked on my laptop but didn’t work when I plugged it in at home.
Sarah and I also started going to the gym again in the mornings so that means 5:45 wakeup.  Luckily there’s a Caribou across the street.

  • 2009 Race Calendar