Vegas Update

February 10th, 2009 · No Comments


(as posted at RandBall)

Vegas was a lot of fun. There’s nothing like a lack of real sleep combined with great buffets, gambling and overpriced drinks at foofoo clubs to bring a group of friends together. But let’s back up a little bit first.

Before SELF and I even got engaged, there was talk of going to Vegas to celebrate the engagement with a whole group of friends. Once I popped the question last fall and the wedding planning began, talk immediately moved to going to Vegas to celebrate and eventually 19 of us met up in Vegas.

It was my first time there and I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I only knew I planned to gamble, eat, drink and spend time with friends. The hard part in the beginning was that there was an overwhelming number of options for doing just that. I spent Thursday night and Friday morning just getting orientated by walking down the strip a little bit and stopping in here and there to check things out. Long story short, just find something that looks like fun and do that. Don’t look around for the “best” option. Some are good, some are bad. I found a little of both.

Here were some of highlights rather than going into a bunch of long stories:

– Getting free passes Thursday night into a nightclub since they needed “filler.”
– Checking out several of the ridiculously huge hotels and casinos. Really, it’s amazing.
– Learning that it takes only $5 wager on any horse race versus $250 of sports wagers to get drink tickets. Suddenly, we came pony experts.
– My friend from SC constantly winning money all weekend. He was up $150 before I even saw him. Then another $600 playing Let It Ride. Saturday morning he quickly won another $100 playing slots and then $180 playing roulette. When you start getting really lucky and someone says “you should go to a casino,” this guy was already at a casino.
– Learning that Fanta + vodka is actually pretty good.
– Finding a casino that offered beer pong (sadly, you couldn’t officially wager on this)
– Spending almost 4 hours at the Mirage buffet Saturday morning. I followed a similar chronological path: breakfast, lunch, filler. That’s how you end up with a plate of prime rib, guacamole, a chocolate doughnut and some fruit by the end of the day. I don’t regret that decision.
– Ordering my brother (the best man) to find out how much a Shanghai Tang t-shirt cost. ($80)
– Cambodian Whiskey isn’t really Cambodian or whiskey. Discuss.
– Spending time talking to the manager of a certain shady “establishment” and finding out his grandma thinks he manages a nightclub somewhere “just off the strip.”
– Seeing my first Cirque du Soleil show (Mystere)
– Giant sized sandwiches at the Carnegie Deli.
– Meeting several of SELF’s friends from CA for the first time.
– Learning to play Pai Gow
– Talking about the upcoming tiger vs dolphin fight we were sure was happening based on a couple of ads in the hotel

And I know I’m forgetting things. I’m pretty sure this is how Las Vegas sucks you in. There’s so much to offer that you’re bound to find something that will create a memory for years to come. The 19 of us that spent last weekend in Vegas now have many stories to share both at the wedding and beyond. It also made me want to go back. We just have to convince someone else to get engaged next year.

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