Movie Quote Friday (Easter Edition)

April 10th, 2009 · 5 Comments

Ok, I’m tired of being RandBall’s lackey.  This week’s quotes all feature movies that either involve, Easter, rabbits, or possibly Jesus.  As usual, your job is to name the movies in the comments.

  1. 28 days… 6 hours… 42 minutes… 12 seconds. That… is when the world… will end.
  2. A: Hey Sol, do you ever wonder at what point you just got to say fuck it man like when you gotta stop living up here and start living down here?
    B: It’s 7.30 in the morning dawg.
  3. [making a toast] And my little sister Chrissy, for teaching me that life is nothing if you’re not obsessed.
  4. A: Who’s Harvey?
    B: A white rabbit, six feet tall.
    A: Six feet?
    C: Six feet three and a half inches. Now let’s stick to the facts.
  5. Well, you see, I didn’t know where your office was. So I asked the newsboy. He didn’t know. So I asked the fireman, the green grocerer, the butcher, the baker, they didn’t know! But the liquor store guy… he knew.
  6. Please! What kind of Mickey Mouse orginization would name their team The Ducks?
  7. You know what? There is NO Easter Bunny! Over there, that’s just a guy in a suit!
  8. I imagine that right now, you’re feeling a bit like Alice. Hmm? Tumbling down the rabbit hole?
  9. Aunt Clara had for years labored under the delusion that I was not only perpetually 4 years old, but also a girl.
  10. A: I hate my name. What kind of name is Jesus anyway?
    B: It’s biblical.
    A: Yeah, no kidding.

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